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Researches claim vacations aid us recharge our energy and perform at higher levels once we get back to work. Nevertheless, as the after- effects are short-lived, we should have trips more frequently to be able to keep our levels of overall health and well-being extremely high.
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The Psychologist, Aug 2011
Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine discovered $6.6 billion was spent in one year for unnecessary tests or prescribing unnecessary medicines, with 86% of that money attributed towards the treatment of excessive cholesterol.
Males typically have more iron in their bodies than females, which might be why men develop these age- related neurodegenerative ailments at a younger age. (Younger womens iron levels are thought to be lesser as a result of menstruation.) To decrease iron levels: decrease over-the-counter supplements that include iron, unless health practitioner recommended; consume much less red meat; donate blood; and take all-natural iron- chelating substances that bind to and remove iron (like curcumin or green tea).
Archives of Internal Medicine, Oct 2011
Neurobiology of Aging, Oct 2011
Researchers found enjoying music (in this case Vivaldis “The 4 Seasons”) while doing exercises increased participants mental agility. The studys author, Charles Emery, believes all varieties of music and songs can produce a very similar effect, no just classical
ABC News, April 2011
A brand new technique, arterial spin labeling, shows the locations from the brain that are activated when low back pain worsens in chronic pain sufferers. This can be a first step towards objectively describing chronic pain. When a patient has aggravation of their usual pain, there are adjustments in the activity of the brain inside the areas that procedure pain and mood.
Anesthesiology, August 2011
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“He who's not courageous enough to take dangers will achieve nothing.” ~
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How you can remain health. Recent study has shown that chiropractic patients who receive month-to-month upkeep care have far better remedy outcomes that final longer. While I've no formal studies to prove it, the numerous patients who come to see us for monthly ART sessions also look to keep healthier. We can typically spot building difficulties and do away with them before they begin causing pain.